5:37 AM

More of ANTM cycle 11

Analeigh was my favorite in this cycle unfortunately her CoverGirl commercial is disappointing. Although her CoverGirl photo is stunning, it didn't help her to make it to the final 2. Mckey put an effort and actually memorized the Ducth script and her commercial is the best of the bunch.

here are their CoverGirl Photos:

Paulina said that she's like an actress.

The judges said, her smile was forced. (yeah..really fake)
but I love her face and personality too.




7:19 PM

ANTM cycle 11 winner!

America's Next Top Model Cycle 11 is....


6:55 PM


Happy Wednesday...

I just wanna show you guys some of backdrops and signage printed in tarpaulins...Sorry if some details are not so clear, they are in large format so i had to resize them.

check on the image to view enlarge...

2:09 AM


This is a lovely poem by Margareth Rigsby and I love it...My dearest Mom is celebrating her 52nd birthday today...We love you and wishing you good health and all the happiness you deserve. Thank you for being the best mom for us.


As your grown daughter
looking at you now,
I see reflections of me
as though I were looking
into a mirror.

Memories of you
young and vibrant,
are as clear in my mind
as if I were still a little girl
holding onto your hand.

The lessons you taught me
are always with me,
especially the ones on surviving.
The strength I have inside
is only a shadow of the woman you are.

I wanted you to know
how very much I love you.
Not just because you are my Mother,
but because you are such a special lady.

Margareth Rigsby

3:08 AM

Mystic Photo Effects

It's been such a long time...I was super busy that i can't even update this blog..
Here are some photo effects I tried today... hope you'll like it

Got this model's picture from Watters Bridesmaids gown collection blog.
I downloaded this wings brush fromPhotoshop Garden.

Did I told you i'm an ANTM fan? so here's Caridee for my smoke and fading effect...

so..that's it for now... see yah!

4:39 AM


We'll be spending our weekends at my parents'. It'll be different and special from other usual weekends since i'm turning 26 tomorrow...So happy birthday to me...Thanks to my parents who brought me to this world! All the thanks and praises to God!

5:31 AM

What I Need

A friend most true

I need,
a friend most true
who will help me
in times due.

A friend,
who will stand by me always
and support me when
iam through down days.

A friend in front of whom,
i can think aloud
and to be his/her friend
i would feel proud.

I need a friend,
like stars in the sky
to make my life beautiful
and always be diamond of my eye.

Someone special,
who will always listen to me,
who will keep my secrets closed
and never let them free.

A friend who will
listen and understand what i say,
who will help with my problems
and never go away.

A friend,
to believe and trust, when
rest convey my fakes to him/her,
just be with me then.

A friend,
to always keep friendship's hue
and prove to be
a friend most true.

Yeah, that's what i need,
A Friend Most True! ! !

Richard Howardson